Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interesting Chrome Extension: "In My Words"

I just read about it on LifeHacker, but the function of In My Words is to replace words on the fly with words you specify as you browse the Internet.  David Galloway, the author of the article, mentions using it as a tool to replace words you find annoying.  If you're reading comments and are tired of seeing the words "OMG", "LoL", etc. this tool can replace those words with for instance, "That's Funny."  

When I was younger, I was a big fan of Mad Libs where you get a sentence to a paragraph in which words are missing and you have to make up the missing words.  It's played as a team-game, so the person writing the replacement words would ask the other person to pick a noun, verb, or adjective to fill in these gaps.  At the end, the result would be read aloud and sometimes it would be hilarious.  Anyway, I'm thinking that this extension could be used the same way.  Might be a fun distraction.