Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning the Security Settings

Clean Up Those Security Settings!

I Decided did at a minimum each Spring I would endeavor to review my security settings across websites, apps, browser, and devices to make sure all security switches were enabled to the fullest extent possible. I'm posting this entry as a cheat sheet of sorts to Quickly jump to security settings pages. If you're aware of other settings pages That should be added, please submit them in the comments below!

Last Update: 10 SEP 2014

Account Security

Enable Two-Factor Auth  (list maintained by others)

Google Security Settings  (make sure you're signed in)
Google Apps Connected  (revoke access to the ones you no longer use)
Google Drive Apps  (click on the settings gear, and click on "Manage Apps")
Google Location History (turn on / off)
Google Picasa Settings (that Affects your G+ photos)
Google Music (authorize / de-authorize devices)
Google Web History (tracks your searches)

YouTube (connected accounts)

GitHub  (connected apps)

Twitter  (connected apps)

Dropbox (connected devices)

Device Security

Amazon Registered Devices  (Instant Video / Prime)

Browser Security