Monday, November 5, 2012

Flash is broken in Back Track 5 R3: Here's the fix

**updated scripts links as of 1/30/2013

In preparation for the CyberLympics, I wanted to have all my tools updated to the most recent available versions, and as a result I loaded the latest 64-bit revision of Back Track 5 (revision 3).  After registering and updating Nessus, I tried to log in through the web interface but kept getting an error that flash wasn't installed.

First, I tried downloading it from Adobe's site and walking through the install process that way, but most likely due to operator error it wasn't working for me.  After a quick Google search, I saw a post somewhere from someone having the same issue.  As a resolution, that person was kind enough to post a script that would download Firefox and Flash and install everything automagically.  I downloaded and ran that script myself, but it failed.  After some tinkering though, I got it to work!  So, for those who have downloaded Back Track 5 R3 and the flash plugin in Firefox isn't working for you, try this:

Copy the text above and paste into a file.  Make sure you name the file with a ".sh" extension and set the permissions so the file will run as an executable.  You can set the permissions in one of two ways:
  1. chmod u+x /path/to/file/filename
  2. chmod 700 /path/to/file/filename
Then just execute the script!  

I built it to download the latest 64-bit version of Firefox using a general link, so it will always grab the latest release.  For the Flash plugin, I had to specify the full file path, so remember to change it for future releases (unless you know how to make it generalized).

To recap, the script downloads the latest Firefox 64-bit build and the Flash 11 plugin, extracts and installs them.  All this was in effort to get into Nessus.  Hopefully this helps you save time!