Sunday, November 8, 2015

Information Security Conferences

Just a list to start tracking InfoSec Conferences I become aware of:

Event NameGeneral ThemeLast Known DatesWebsite/EmailStatusCTFs
BloomCONForensics and SecurityFebruary 5-6, 2016OverYes
nullconLatest attacks, exploits, and vulnsMarch 11-12, 2016nullcon.netAttendee RegistrationYes
BSides Charm CityInfoSecApril 23-24, 2016securitybsides.comCall for PapersUnsure
RVAsecInfoSecJune 2-3, 2016rvasec.comCall for PapersYes
RECONRE and Advanced ExploitationJanuary 27-29, 2017recon.cxCall for PapersUnsure
hack4Tech talks and tech stuff in the old sense of hacker meetupsDecember 29-30, 2016hack4.orgCall for PapersUnsure

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