Monday, April 29, 2013

MACCDC 2013, A Blue Teamer's Lessons Learned: Part 1 - Team Selection

MACCDC 2013, A Blue Teamer's Lessons Learned

This is the first part of a series of blog posts I'll be writing to relate the various things I learned from getting to experience the glory that is MACCDC.  Here is a "table of contents" which I'll update with relevant posts:

#1 - Team selection

#4 - Game Time

And so we begin number one...

Team Selection

For this year's competition, schools were allowed to have eight people to a Blue Team.  The teams were organized by having a captain and co-captain oversee the other six.  During the competition, the captain is responsible (among other things) for communicating business injects to the team members and is the team liaison with the white cell.  Because the team captain can be asked to step away for interviews or captain-specific business injects, the co-captain should be capable of fulfilling those same duties.  

The team members need to be comprised of people with a good mix of skills between Linux, Windows, Web Applications, and Firewalls.  This means that every person on the team needs to be technically capable, or trained to be, by competition time.  There were several instances at MACCDC 2013 where someone was pulled away to help another team member on something or complete an inject, leaving a laptop open.  Ideally there should never be a time when someone's not working on a laptop (injects notwithstanding), which means that each person should be technically capable or comfortable with picking up where someone else left off.

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