Friday, March 29, 2013

Verizon's Android 4.2.2 Update and Battery Drain

UPDATE: After re-adding the email settings, it no longer drains my battery.  It may be different for other phones, so your mileage may vary.  Try re-adding the email account to see what happens.  Good luck!

Original post:

On Tuesday night, I received a notification that Verizon published the 4.2.2. update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Having read about the features, I was excited to install the update immediately.  The very first thing I noticed was that the phone began getting very hot.  I rebooted my phone just before I went to bed, deciding that I would deal with it on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a day of me searching for outlets to keep my phone charged.  Within an hour of removing the charging cable, my phone was down to around 10% battery.  Looking at the battery usage, "Exchange Services" was eating over 60%!  I tried various settings to adjust the sync intervals, all to no avail.  Reluctantly, I then removed my corporate email account.  I noticed an immediate difference in temperature - or should I say lack thereof; it was no longer burning hot!  Monitoring the phone all day Thursday, I can confirm it seems that was the fix.

So, if anyone out there is running a Verizon SCH-i515 Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and your battery drain is as rampant as mine was, delete/remove your corporate email profile.

I haven't tried re-adding it yet.  I'll give that a shot Friday and update the post with the test results.

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