Friday, January 4, 2013

Office 2013: Impressions after Day 1

The install is pretty standard.  The new aspect to the install is that you now have an option to either enter a product key or enter in your domain account to complete the process.  I chose the product key option, but I'm assuming the domain account allows end users to perform approved installs without having to pre-stage the product key.  It probably calls out for a domain level license administrator service.  I'll do more research on that aspect down the road.

Load Times:
I'm impressed with the speed of loading any app of the suite.  A nice test for this was opening a 6MB Visio file from a network share.  It took about 3 seconds in Office 2013, whereas in Office 2007 I was waiting about 10 seconds on average.

Bells and Whistles:
The suite allows users to choose from a set of themes for Ribbon decoration (meh).

What I'm most currently excited about is Excel.  Finally!  Microsoft has at last given us the ability to open Excel spreadsheets in two separate windows without any special tweaks!  In prior Office versions, it took a registry hack to be able to accomplish it.  For those with dual monitor setups, you can now easily have one Excel spreadsheet on the left monitor and one Excel on the right monitor!

I'll post more as I discover other features.